Website Management - Benefits of maintaining a website

Updated: May 20, 2021

We take a look at the various benefits one gets from having his/her website maintained

I personally compare your website to a car. Imagine driving your car without changing the engine oil, transmission oil and performing regular maintenance; well let's just say we know the outcome of that instance. I hope you for-see where I am going with this. Your website is basically what drives your business hence it needs to be well taken care of and maintained to achieve the best results possible. Below are the reasons why its essential to keep your website maintained

  1. Keep up with latest technology - As we all know the internet keeps evolving and growing by the day. There are new technologies developing each and every day. The question you have to ask yourself is ; Is your website keeping up with new technology? Web designers have access to two ways of maintaining your website. This first is making regular updates every month or every week and the second is making a complete update and refresh every few years. However the most affordable and reasonable one is making regular updates and adequate changes every month.

  2. Security updates - In today’s world most websites use content management system. Ive had countless talks with customers who feel like they don’t need security updates because they are not selling anything (e-commerce). The fact is you don’t need to be selling anything for hackers to hijack your website. Most hackers infiltrate your website and install malicious malware. Lets just say its a free pass for hackers if you have an outdated security system; and the last thing you want to happen is customers getting viruses by visiting your website. This is certainly not good for business because most times, google or other search engines will remove your website from their system until you have it taken care of.

  3. Search Engine Ranking - Refusing to update your website lowers your ranking on search engines. Search engines are designed to work with fresh and updated content. The more you perform regular updates to your website, the more visits you get from search engines. This goes a long way to help boost your rankings

  4. Return Customers/Visitors -

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